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Do you crave copy that will attract, engage, entertain and convert?
Are you searching for a service that helps you to develop long-lasting relationships with future and existing customers?
Are you ready to work towards a web presence that speaks directly to your target market?
You may endeavor to avoid judging a book by its cover in day-to-day life, but the truth is that people today will judge a business by their website. It’s your responsibility to use your online space best, building a relationship with your customer that not only intrigues them, but keeps them coming back for more.
I write the words that give your brand volume; turning ideas into text, and text into a tool that you can use to enhance your identity, brand, business, or message. Whether you need a content writer, copywriter, blogger, or brand marketer, I can help.
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Who is Carter Content?

You may be eager to start examining samples of my work, or reading the testimonials that I have collected from other clients.

But before we get to that – why not break the ice and get to know the person you’re going to be working with first?


My name is Rebekah Carter, the one-woman writing force behind Carter Content.

First and foremost, I am a writer.

If text was nutritious, it would be my first form of sustenance. I gorge myself on words in all of their forms, written, typed, painted, etched, spoken – and even sung, so that when it comes to choosing the right ones for your project, my selection is limitless.

My love affair with literature has taken various twists and turns throughout its lifetime – starting with an obsession with books in my early years and developing into a need to create that blossomed throughout my education, sparking an insatiable hunger for inscribed creativity.

As I grew, I earned my degree with honours in Literature and Creative writing, and started to experiment with voluntary methods of expanding my experience through a newsletter intended for creative mental health services in my home town. This part of my journey allowed me to connect with new people, learn, and explore my writing potential at the same time. After that resulted into a “volunteer of the year award”, I moved further down the ink-stained path, towards the concept of freelance writing.

Today, I consistently use initiative and creativity to deliver unique, captivating content, that helps brands to get noticed, and gives them the boost they need on the ladder to success.

It’s great to meet you!

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