Beware of Cookie-Cutter Content Marketing

One of the issues that I’ve begun to notice more frequently during my time as a content writer, is that a lot of businesses don’t know exactly what they want when it comes to establishing a marketing strategy. Now there’s nothing wrong with coming to me and feeling unsure about what you’re going to need – the problem only arises when people think that there is one simple formula out there that works for every business and every industry in content marketing. Before you jump to conclusions – I completely agree that some content marketing ideas are relevant to all circumstances. However, you should always be wary of a copywriter or marketing expert who claims to offer a one-size-fits-all solution.

Your copywriter should ask questions about what you want, prompt you for direction, and make sure that they’re creating the content that is right for your needs. Just because another brand in your industry is doing things one way and achieving success, doesn’t mean that the same approach would automatically work for you.

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Personality is Essential to Content Marketing

Today, any successful content marketing solution is driven forward by a brand’s ability to produce high-quality, valuable content. However, another part of that experience is developing your own online personality. This means that subject matter and content type can vary from one company to the next – indeed, no two companies can ever be exactly the same.

Measuring your content marketing strategy according to your competitors’ movements can be useful to a degree, but it shouldn’t inspire every aspect of your content production. Every website, every company, and every brand has their own culture, their own objectives, and their own story to tell.

The thing that people miss so frequently is that the most significant purpose of any content is to convey a brand’s messages, values, actions, and personality to its target audience. Consumers today are looking for a significant level of engagement when it comes to exploring the brands that they like. Your customers don’t like to know that you’re just using fancy words to seduce them into buying. Yes, you need to write content that is loaded with keywords and copy capable of specifically addressing the needs that your audience has. However, you also need to have a human element in your brand.

Though staying to the same standard formula may give you a reasonable taste of success, it’s important to remember that there is no cookie-cutter approach to success when it comes to content. Quality is always key, but brands with value and personality win customers.