Linking Exceptional Copywriting to Fantastic Online Usability

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, or what kind of marketing you’ve chosen to do, one essential point to keep in mind is that what you say is not the only important factor – it’s also about how you say it. Unlike with a newspaper or book, where people are happy to spend hours poring over pages, the internet is by its nature, a fast-paced informational sphere. Because of this, you can expect your web-based audience to be pretty impatient.

The fact that everyone wants their results yesterday means that website usability becomes a particularly important matter. How simply someone can navigate from one portion of your website to another, and how quickly they can find the information that they need will have a direct impact on your popularity.

For most people, this seems to be an issue of web-design, but it’s worth remembering that copywriting can also play a significant role. Here are just some of the ways that hiring a copywriter to aid in your marketing can make your content more accessible, usable, and conversion-friendly.

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Using Descriptive Titles and Helpful Sub-Headers

When visitors turn up on one of your web pages, you’re given a few seconds at best to capture their attention, before they hit the back button and sprint away through the various avenues of cyber space. One of the first things your audience will look at, whether it’s on the actual landing page, or within the search results – is the title of your post, article or page. In order to snatch up attention instantly, professional copywriter marketing will make this aspect punchy, short, and indicative of what visitors can expect from the following content.

At the same time, the use of sub-headers can provide useful signposts for readers who are searching for specific information throughout the copy. Not only do sub-headings help to break up clunky content, they also offer an opportunity for visitors to get a quick overview of the piece before they decide whether they want to read the entire thing – or just a single section.

Break Up Text Blocks with Bullet Points and Paragraphs

Sometimes, when people are reading through articles and blogs online, they’re actually trying to seek out specific information from a cluttered collection of text and data. Utilizing bullet points and numbers can be a good way to get information across quickly, and make it easier to locate. Experienced web copywriters can also use bullet points to make the content easier to read as a whole.

In the same vein short paragraphs can be a great way to make the text easier to follow. This is particularly relevant within the mobile era, as reading text on a mobile device can take longer and be more frustrating than reading from paper or a larger screen. Great copywriter marketing should always stick to shorter paragraphs that catch a readers’ attention.

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Make your Copywriting Language Succinct and Scan-able

It’s not just the paragraphs that should be short in a good article. A truly good copywriter should never be any longer than they need to be. If you feel as though a topic requires a couple of thousand words of explanation, then go for it, but never try to shove extra words in just to make your content look shapelier.

Do your best to ensure that your writing is easy to read, and full of relevant phrases and words that the audience can quickly pick up on when deciding whether your content is what they’re actually looking for. At the same time, adding all of those relevant phrases will help you to produce better search engine optimization results. Win/win.

If you choose to invest in online copywriting that is accurate, clear and interesting, then your online marketing strategies are bound to benefit from a quick and noticeable boost. What’s more, by making your content accessible and usable, you’re encouraging visitors to come back and visit you again whenever they need a reliable website.

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