Copy-writing and The Mystery of the Shrinking Customer Attention Span

Today, the various mediums that exist throughout the World Wide Web have given consumers an unreasonable amount of choices when it comes to finding their information or entertainment fix. It’s no shock that competition within the online world is fierce, and the more access people are given to new forms of amusement and data, the more their attention span continues to shrink.

During the digital age, people have become increasingly choosy about what deserves their focus, and what doesn’t, which is just one of the reasons why unique copy-writing is such an essential asset.


Overcoming the Plague of Instant Gratification

In a world that runs on exactly how easy it is for consumers to find the information that they need tucked away within walls of text – an alternative website is just a click away. Today, marketers must find a way of grabbing the attention of their users, and keeping their attention for long enough that they actually get the message across. If you don’t, your audiences’ cursors will be hovering over the back button in a blink of an eye. Unfortunately, it’s never been harder to grab a viewers’ attention.

  • It takes 10 seconds for a visitor to determine whether they’re going to stay on your webpage.
  • If someone checks out your page for more than 30 seconds, the chances are that they’ll stick around for longer than two minutes, and may even come back again later.
  • The average attention span of a person online today is 5 minutes, that’s a seven minute decrease over the last ten years.

It seems that in the information age, our brains are consistently being rewired. When on the search for information, we may not always read left to right and absorb all the words given to us, but instead make shortcuts and scan for keywords that direct us towards the content most relevant to our needs.

copy-writing attention span

Unique Copy-writing

Having unique copy-writing in your arsenal can be a great way to catch your reader off guard and ensure they’re kept captivated and on your page for longer.

While other solutions like strong visuals, a unique blog theme, exciting infographics, and dynamic content can all help to draw attention, there are few things more important than a truly amazing story.

If everything that you are providing to your audience in the form of copy is interesting, then they’ll be more inclined to stick around and find out what you have to say. On the other hand, if they’re bored by the first sentence that they read, they may choose to simply seek out information elsewhere.

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