Does Successful SEO Simply Boil Down to Better Writing?

I’ve been writing for a long time now, playing with the organization and presentation of words in sequence from the moment I could hold, and use, a pen. I’ve been dealing with SEO for far less time, and yet it’s no surprise to me that in the recent years, the keyword stuffing, elaborate backdoor schemes for manipulating search engines have been left in the dust. Successful SEO – and by that I mean the worthwhile practices of SEO – are likely to always have some impact on the relevancy and popularity of websites, however, it’s worth remembering that the end goal for Google is to offer their users reliable, useful search results.

If google, yahoo, and Bing aren’t handing out the results that people actually want when they enter their queries, then people aren’t going to stop using the internet, or mess around looking through pages of spam – they’re just going to look for alternative options.

If SEO alchemy, in its entirety, determined everything there was to know about organic search results, rather than quality content, the business model of Google would collapse. So at the end of the day, can SEO ever really outrank high-quality content writing?

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Good Content can Have Natural Successful SEO Elements

A lot of the time, if you devote yourself to highly valuable content produced by a unique article writer you’ll find that you end up getting SEO results anyway. Every algorithmic change made by Google between 2008 and today has rewarded writers with a content-centric approach, and demolished those embroiled in the game of link wrestling and black-hat dealings.

Finally, it seems as though people are starting to catch up to the reality that great content writing services actually provide SEO as standard. There’s not always a systematic strategy behind it. You shouldn’t be worrying so heavily about optimizing for search engines – instead worry about optimizing for your target market. Your business and content is being discovered in thousands of new and different ways that require a more holistic approach to the idea of brand ignition.

From content branding, to content marketing, shareability, audience building and promotion, it all boils down to one thing: value. To increase your value with a unique article writer, fill out my handy contact form.