Unlocking the Door to Online Success with Keyword Analysis

Conducting regular keyword analysis provides an excellent way for businesses to predict what their users are actually searching for. When you’re creating content for your website, you’ll need to drill down deep into the heart of your production strategy and find the target phrases capable of driving your campaign.

As you should already know, the industry of online marketing changes on a frequent basis, but keyword analysis has always remained an important aspect of becoming visible online. Following are a few tips for helping you to analyze your keywords and implementing a better strategy for your upcoming advertising campaigns.

keyword analysis

Think like your Audience

Remember, you’re not only creating content for your website, you’re creating content for your audience. If you want to have the best possible impact with the copy that you produce, you’re going to need to think like your target market. Consider what kind of things your consumers would probably search for when they’re looking to find your services or business. If you stay in that mindset consistently, you’ll be more capable of determining what your searcher actually wants.

What’s more, knowing your searchers’ intent can also help you to discover the weaker spots of your online marketing campaign that could need fixing. Once you understand what your customers are looking for, you’re already half way towards success.

Check out Your Competitors

If you really want to discover some great keywords for your particular industry, then you may benefit from looking at some of the keywords utilized by your most similar competitors. Find out the keywords that your foes are bidding on, and this will give you an insight into what you should be doing for your own campaign. There are plenty of online sources that can help you with this, from Google itself to other, more independent options.

Conduct Research into Related Terms

Once you’ve analyzed your competitors’ efforts, you’ll need to research terms that are related to your current keyword study. For this, you may need to utilize the Google keyword research tool provided by AdWords. As you move through the options, keep the following elements in mind:

  • Competition: AdWords will research the keyword competition you will be dealing with based on how many advertisers are pursuing a single word or phrase. In the Keyword planner tool, competition will appear as either low, medium or high. If possible, try to stick to those that have the “medium” rating, especially if your website is new.
  • Search volume: This aspect refers to the average amount of searches that have been made for your chosen keyword or phrase during the last twelve months. This data is generally compiled according to product category and location, and you should try to focus on words that have around 1,000 searches at minimum.
  • Relevancy: Targeting the wrong keywords is by far the most significant mistake that people can make when it comes to online marketing. Always remember that you should be looking for key phrases and niche words that relate to your company.

Remember Long-Tail Keywords

As the name itself suggests, long-tail keywords are those which have a tail of two or three related modifiers. For example, if your short-tail keyword was “content” then your medium-tail word would be “content marketing” and your long-tail keyword would be “online content marketing methods”.

It’s often cheaper for PPC advertisers to bid on long-tail keywords, and these options generally bring higher rates of conversion too, making them a significant factor in return on investment. If possible, try to direct your strategy towards targeted and relevant long-tail keywords.

Keyword Analysis is Vital

Creating content for your website that is not only engaging, but interesting, relevant and search engine optimized can be a difficult task. Keyword analysis is one of the primary steps that you will need to take when you’re constructing a strong marketing plan, as it will help to ensure that you are driving the best possible traffic to your website.

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