Let’s face it, taking over the marketing world today is tough, regardless of how impressive your master plan may be. The biggest challenges that most companies face is that there is more content out there competing for audience attention than ever before. That means that if you latest blog entry, article or press release isn’t […]

I’ve been writing for a long time now, playing with the organization and presentation of words in sequence from the moment I could hold, and use, a pen. I’ve been dealing with SEO for far less time, and yet it’s no surprise to me that in the recent years, the keyword stuffing, elaborate backdoor schemes […]

Want more article presence online? If you want to be noticed on the web, then articles are definitely the way to do it. However, one thing to remember that businesses often gloss over, is that like any venture, you’ll only reap as much as you sow. In other words, paying less for poor-quality, spun, dime-a-dozen […]

One of the issues that I’ve begun to notice more frequently during my time as a content writer, is that a lot of businesses don’t know exactly what they want when it comes to establishing a marketing strategy. Now there’s nothing wrong with coming to me and feeling unsure about what you’re going to need […]