Brand identity, otherwise referred to as web presence or brand awareness is everywhere you look in the world of today. Consider your average day – maybe you wake up, grab your favorite brand of coffee to sip while you read your favorite newspaper, or check out your preferred news channel on TV. During your commute […]

Developing and maintaining a useful website for your business is no small feat. On the tiring journey towards the website of your dreams, you’re bound to discover various hurdles and potholes in the form of design trends, consumer issues, and SEO pitfalls.┬áBefore you declare your website to be a complete success, you may benefit from […]

Everything starts with just a few words typed into a search box. Search engines have cemented their place as the foundation of the internet – the resources that user’s turn to when they need products, information, entertainment, or advice. Even the best known brands in the world have found that a minimum of 30% of […]

A lot of businesses recognize that they need search engine optimization, but they don’t know much beyond that fact. If you aren’t a vendor of SEO, chances are you’ve heard yourself saying “I know I need it, but I don’t know exactly what I need”, at some point in your career. Businesses are steadily beginning […]

Content marketing might not be an unfamiliar face any more – but it is a fast-moving and fluctuating phenomenon, which seems to exist in a constant state of evolution. This frequently changing concept is something that content copywriters need to engage with on a daily basis. Today, approximately 93% of B2B marketers utilize content as […]

Today, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that content marketing has grown into a significantly important part of public relations and online growth. However, the value of your unique copywriting or article writing services could be eroded when the content you receive hasn’t been written correctly. Here are some of the most common grammar mistakes […]

Before I start talking about the details behind SEO, let’s get one very important thing out of the way: SEO is not dead. As you start to tightrope walk across each shimmering string of the world-wide web, you’re going to be presented with a number of differing opinions, on a number of alternative concepts. One […]