Web Presence and Defining your Brand Identity

Brand identity, otherwise referred to as web presence or brand awareness is everywhere you look in the world of today. Consider your average day – maybe you wake up, grab your favorite brand of coffee to sip while you read your favorite newspaper, or check out your preferred news channel on TV. During your commute to work you’ll pass dozens of advertising opportunities in the form of billboards, busses, and posters – all of this represents brand awareness.

Companies across the globe recognize the importance of establishing themselves as a brand identity, giving people a sense of what they represent and who they are. Your brand creates the meaning behind your content, your logo, your message, and who you claim to be.

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Branding and Marketing

When it comes to marketing, branding makes up one of the very first steps in the journey to success. Before you can start delivering content, and a carefully construed message to your projected audience – you will need to establish a particular image of yourself, or your company. Once you have introduced your brand properly, you will then need to spread the word through the influence of various marketing channels. However, attempting to market your company without the right identity is just going to lead to confusion for your followers and customers.

The ultimate goal in brand awareness is to be the very first name that comes to mind for your consumers when they’re searching for a specific solution. For example, when you’re in need of a new pair of shoes, which brand do you immediately think of? Keep in mind however, that establishing brand awareness can have pitfalls, as the internet does open new outlets for people to talk openly about your company, in either a positive or negative sense. However, this shouldn’t scare you away from making yourself known. The more you work on creating a strong, positive brand identity, the more you will make yourself available to the public, developing your audience, and your chance for success.

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The Statistics of Brand Identity

Consumers will choose to follow a particular brand because of certain aspects associated with that brand’s identity. The three main things that make people loyal to a brand are: Quality (88%), Customer service (72%) and Price (50%).

Though brand awareness, when done properly, is a fantastic strategy for enhancing your marketing skills, it can turn people off your business if you don’t know how to utilize your personal voice to the best of its ability. Offer up the wrong content, and you could lose up to 50% of your audience instantly. Of the 63% of people that have said they have engaged with negative content in the past, 23% decided immediately that they would not read that brand’s content again.

The evidence is what makes article writing services so popular in today’s business world. A professional writer can help you to convey the brand message that you want to achieve – one that not only makes you stand out from the crowd, but helps you to define yourself in a swarm of similar entities.

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