The chances are that you’ve already started to notice the impact that the content marketing game has had on the world of business. B2B companies see 67% more leads each month with blogs, and marketers who prioritize content are 13x more likely to have a beneficial ROI. When you think about it, the statistics aren’t […]

Whenever I talk to a company about online marketing, despite the abundance of positive blogging statistics, some will inevitably question why they need active blogs. Perhaps the easiest way to answer this is to say that blogs are a great place for companies to answer questions that their buyers may have – but this can […]

If you’re one of the internet-savvy business owners who currently take advantage of a blogging strategy to get your company noticed online, take a moment ask yourself what you’re going to be writing about next week. If everything that makes up your blog content strategy comes together at last minute, you might want to think […]

So you’ve decided to get started (or re-started) with a business blog, tailor-made to deliver more traffic and conversions to your company. Perfect! Perhaps you started writing with a clear view of your purpose in mind, and have been dishing out blogs on a regular basis – yet somehow nothing positive is happening in response. Maybe […]

If you’re in pursuit of helpful blogging tips, then the chances are you’ve already started to increase your online marketing skills to some extent. Today, the importance of business blogging is growing ever more significant, as it helps to establish companies as relevant experts within their field, helps to deliver traffic to company websites and […]

Today, the internet is packed full of approximately 150 million different blogs. A couple of decades ago, nobody cared about whether you had a blog or not – then again, in that time, the internet wasn’t quite as essential to business success as it is today. We all remember the days when the word “blog” […]