Most people with blogs and articles to post find that they spend more time searching for the perfect stock photo than they do crafting an ideal call to action. Generally, the problem revolves around the idea that CTAs are simple – just tell your reader what to do and you’re done. Unfortunately, that’s not actually […]

Want more article presence online? If you want to be noticed on the web, then articles are definitely the way to do it. However, one thing to remember that businesses often gloss over, is that like any venture, you’ll only reap as much as you sow. In other words, paying less for poor-quality, spun, dime-a-dozen […]

One of the issues that I’ve begun to notice more frequently during my time as a content writer, is that a lot of businesses don’t know exactly what they want when it comes to establishing a marketing strategy. Now there’s nothing wrong with coming to me and feeling unsure about what you’re going to need […]

How do businesses convince customers to take that crucial step from daydreaming about how nice it might be to have a product, into actually forking over the cash? In short, the success of a business can hinge rather significantly on that company’s ability to prompt an audience to action.A Call to Action is a clear […]

Brand identity, otherwise referred to as web presence or brand awareness is everywhere you look in the world of today. Consider your average day – maybe you wake up, grab your favorite brand of coffee to sip while you read your favorite newspaper, or check out your preferred news channel on TV. During your commute […]

Developing and maintaining a useful website for your business is no small feat. On the tiring journey towards the website of your dreams, you’re bound to discover various hurdles and potholes in the form of design trends, consumer issues, and SEO pitfalls.┬áBefore you declare your website to be a complete success, you may benefit from […]

Content marketing might not be an unfamiliar face any more – but it is a fast-moving and fluctuating phenomenon, which seems to exist in a constant state of evolution. This frequently changing concept is something that content copywriters need to engage with on a daily basis. Today, approximately 93% of B2B marketers utilize content as […]

Today, online presence is everything. It’s come to be a foregone conclusion that business owners need to establish some form of business website to be visible in a world overwhelmed by competition and distractions. If you aren’t internet-accessible, then you’re actively cutting down your potential audience by the thousands. Of course, simply getting your name […]

The question “So what do you do?” is one that typically comes up quite often in most of our lives. Everyone is interested in what everyone else considers to be their profession, or area of skill – whether they’re changing the world with excellent customer service, or saving lives as a doctor. When someone asks […]